Learn More About the Plypo Formworks and How They are Applied In The Construction Site

An efficient formwork system for construction can solve many problems in the building site and represents an excellent way to save costs. PLYPO Formworks offers a wide range of Formworks in PP technopolymer, a 100% recyclable plastic material that stands out for its lightness and durability while efficiently replacing the traditional timber and steel formworks.

PLYPO Formworks are:

Fast and easy to install, as no product-specific training is necessary and the working procedures are very quick;
Crane-independent, thanks to their low weight.
For these reasons, our products are trusted and appreciated by customers in many countries. Here is project to which we contributed worldwide.

The formwork board system produced by PLYPO uses imported polypropylene resin as basic material, adding chemical additives toughening, flame resistance, weather resistance and anti-aging, smelt and form new construction material through chemical molecular structure reorganization.

If you want to know more about our plastic formwork, you can find us as follow way :

Email: Sales@plypoformworks.com